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The Yellow Object is an interactive installation by Candy Lenk and Anna Borgman and was selected for the „Großen Kunstausstellung“ in the „Haus der Kunst“ in Munich.



Haus der Kunst München, 19.06.- 16.08.2009
Prinzregentenstr. 1, München, Germany

“The different art works are a part of their era. The fact that only a few of them will reach beyond their time is one of the most ignored aspects of art, which is traditionally considered to be immortal. A large part of this aspect is the audience, whether it is large or small, whether it is the general public or an exclusive group. That was the case in 1949 and is still in 2009.”

exhibition catalogue
Großekunstausstellung / Haus der Kunst München
“Was uns antreibt”
ISBN: 978-3-00-027942-3

“Yet every artist does not initially create his success or legacy, but rather something completely different – his pieces of art work -his creatures. This to me seems to be essential point: aside from all problems with neighbors and all competitiveness that might arise, the place for the creature which is a part of an evolutionary line, a being with a history and a future remains society. Every piece of art is a creature that tells of not only its creator but also of its contemporaries. Every “Große Kunstaustellung” is not only a market place in the mercantile sense, but also a forum for the living artistic potential of our nation…” (free translation of the press release)

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