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WÄSCHE (the wash) is a hydraulic installation
by Candy Lenk.

candy lenk installation art wäsche berlin as deep as you can anna borgman hydraulic

The gradual arrival of sanitary purification of public and private spaces and of the human body finds a parallel in modern thought. In the course of time, not only the city, the apartment and the human body have been cleaned but also thoughts. They are cleansed from the drive of base instincts to expose the brilliant surface of pure thought.

In contrast to the fleeting sense of touch, smell, and taste, sight can cooperate with the intellect. The eye’s perception does not require “dirty” contact. It functions through the distance to things. This distance is necessary to see the brilliance, that is proof for cleanliness.

Suit jacket / coat hanger / stainless steel bowl /
chlorinated water / infusion drip stand, stainless steel


Ausstellung “as deep as you can”, Berlin 2010

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