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Exhibition of contemporary art

The conversion of the “Schwimmhalle Pankow” (indoor swimming pool in Berlin Pankow) into an exhibition hall for contemporary art is a project by Miriam Halwani, Anna Borgman and Candy Lenk

The “Schwimmhalle Pankow” will finally re-awake after 10 years of closure and after almost a year of preparation to new life as a space for contemporary art. “As deep as you can” will bring together eight artists in an almost forgotten place in Berlin: the “Schwimmhalle Pankow” for a unique event. Site-specific installations and paintings will fill it with life once again. Although the space has the dimensions of a museum, it’s history is undeniably present in the characteristic tiles, the swimming pool and starting blocks.

Each exhibited work plays with the circumstances in a unique way. The works center around the themes of the natural versus the artificial and austerity of form versus uncontrolled growth, and how these themes influence the hall from the outside and the inside, in the past and today. The sports facility was built by Gunther Derdau in 1971 and lies within eye sight and earshot of the popular outdoor swimming pool. Today it has become a non-place overgrown with wild plants and tagged with graffiti. All of the exhibition’s artists reference the specifics of this place.

Beyond the conceptual, all of works can be experienced sensuously: they take up space and have to be walked through or along ; they stimulate the senses through variegation, different textures, and angular or biomorphic forms. Through the deliberate interaction with the architecture of the indoor swimming pool they have an impact that they would never reach in the “white cube” of the gallery. (translation of press release by Dr. Miriam Halwani)

ANNA BORGMAN (Installation)


CANDY LENK (Installation)

NICOLAS MANENTI (Installation)


NORA LENA MEYER (Installation)


KATJA PUDOR (Installation/Malerei)


Vernissage with live music by Ralf Krebs & Martina Gebhardt 16.7.2010

Exhibition 17.7.-15.8.2010

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