POSTED IN archiv, art, exhibitions, conceptual design 02/09/2010

The GELBES OBJEKT (yellow object) is an interactive installation by Candy Lenk and Anna Borgman and was selected for the Ostrale: International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Dresden.


““The OSTRALE International Exhibition for Contemporary Art in Dresden questions conventional expectations of normalcy and offers new possibilities of interpretation to contemporary art. In a city of art such as Dresden, the former slaughterhouse complex by Hans Erlwein on the Ostrainsel island offers an exciting setting. The variety of spaces are a place of inspiration and sensuous perception to the artists during the creative process and to the viewers upon reception.”

“This year the festival specifically invited artists who work with the materials left behind on-site and transform and restructure them using artistic rites of passage.” (free translation of the German OSTRALE press release)


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