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PARASITES: THE SUBVERSION OF SPACE is a project by Candy Lenk and Anna Borgman for a lectureship at the Berlin School of Art. (foundation course Spatial Design)

Parasites are abominable: they are small; they always arrive in numbers and when they do, they approach from the back or from below. They avoid all established mutually beneficial relationships and live exclusively at the expense of their host.

But parasites can also be responsible for the survival (functionality) of their host. They may even act as a kind of agent and thereby influence the host system. The host system cannot be altered in its nature, form, elements, relationships or paths. Yet, its state can be changed in small steps without any aggressive deformations. Initially parasitical elements represent a disturbance to the system: encouraging change, altering organizational relationships and increasing the complexity of the entire system.

A parasitical interaction is a descriptive model for the paradox between the resistance against a system on the one hand and the simultaneous ability to connect to exactly that criticized system on the other. A parasite is a transitional figure, that lives at the boundaries of definition and thereby evades the distinction between good and evil. It is not with the host, but it is also not against it.

The goal of project is the investigation of parasitical models in different spatial manifestations.


Photo: the Cymothoa Exigua is a louse,
which eats the tongue of its host fish and establishes itself in place of the organ.

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