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ARTBASTARD is the title of an exhibition of the final projects of the course Inter-Media Design at the Faculty of Architecture. Videos and installations that deal with the boundaries between spatial fiction and reality are on display.

These boundaries were investigated theoretically during the seminar and practically through experimental exercises. Different manifestations and techniques of the superimposition and saturation of the factual and virtual were discussed and converted into immediately tangible installations.

The project was published in:
Projecting Spaces. Art_Bastard – cross-media designing /
Art_Bastard and Color Boxes –
Teaching Spatial Design in Spectrum of Digital and Analog- (Re)presentation
Lengyel, Toulouse (Hrsg.) Projecting Spaces. w.e.b. Verlag 2011
ISBN: 978-3-942411-31-8

Foto: Luis Alonso / Video: Xavier Santodomingo, Maria Aparicio


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