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Inner Landscapes is a project by Candy Lenk und Carin Maria Schirmacher for the Spatial Design Department of the Architecture Faculty of the Dresden University of Technology.

“We do not live in a homogeneous and empty space, but rather in a space thoroughly imbued with quantities and perhaps thoroughly fantasmatic as well. The space of our primary perception, the space of our dreams and that of our passions hold within themselves qualities that seem intrinsic: there is a light, ethereal, transparent space, or again a dark, rough, encumbered space; a space from above, of summits, or on the contrary a space from below of mud; or again a space that can be flowing like sparkling water, or space that is fixed, congealed, like stone or crystal.” *

examples of inner structures

The project investigates how different functions can be combined in a building in the sense of an interior topological landscape. Using the example of a medical service center, it explores how architecture, similar to the natural landscape, can function as a changeable expression of the interaction of the elements and interior processes.

* (translation of M. Foucault, of other spaces,

Photos: Elzbieta Karkoszka, Dawid Huczynski


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