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Candy Lenk shows the installation WÄSCHE II at the exhibition
>LANGE WEILE: Annäherung an eine Ungeliebte<.
FORUM Factory, Besselstr. 13-14, 10969 Berlin

Boredom is a complex, multiple-stage and dull emotion that begins with unreflected sensation. Boredom finds it hard to separate itself from the suffering and self-deprecation of the bored. Boredom is a nothingness that is only felt through painful, empty repetition.

The corrosive power of indifference, the devaluation of values and the destruction of meaning and content lay the groundwork for a review and cleansing of all things believed and known. Thereby boredom opens up the gate to another reality.

Katalog: LANGE_WEILE. Annäherung an eine Ungeliebte
Hrsg.: dieassitenten¹¹ FORUM Factory 2012

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