POSTED IN archiv, art, exhibitions, conceptual design 07/01/2013

The YELLOW OBJECT is a bit mysterious, almost shy, floating thing. It carries an architectural miniaturization inside. The object reacts to the human body. It closes if somebody approaches and it opens when it’s left alone.

The object is a sculptural intermediary between the real space around the object  [an area of action and movement] and the space of miniaturization inside [a space of projection and a space to immerse oneself into].

Candy Lenk and Anna Borgman show the interactive installation YELLOW OBJECT at the WINTER ART SALON “About Individuality” in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Schleiermacherstraße 31-37.

Opening Sat | 15.12.12 | 7 pm + Exhibition Tue-Fri | 18-21.12.12 | 4-6 pm

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