POSTED IN archiv, art, exhibitions, conceptual design 09/02/2014

Anna Borgman’s and Candy Lenk’s project of a memorial site dedicated to the boys and girls deported from the Baruch Aucherbach Orphan Asylum in Berlin was awarded second prize in a Germany-wide competition.

The installation reconstructs the play of light as it used to shine through a gable window of the now demolished orphanage. The window’s contours meet the still existing garden wall and solidify on its surface. The fleeting moment of a light turned on in the past is translated into a present relief. The projected contours of the window are traces from the past creating a spatial and atmosheric link between now and then.

The installation coalesces with the wall fragment to create a new situation, a new spatial image. The site is spiritually embedded into the historic urban context and in the same time remains part of the present architectural reality. The result is a multi-faceted overlap of history and the present.

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