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Anna Borgman, Candy Lenk and Jan Körbes installed an ornamental facade constructed from plastic disposable pallets in front of the gallery Aquabit in Berlin-Mitte.Inspired by the recurring ornamentation in architecture, they grapple with the relationship between ornament and function.

Going back to the architect and cultural critic Adolf Loos and his manifesto „Ornament and Crime“ (1913), the facade develops the question of ornament as an obstacle for new cultural development. The installation REKONSTRUKTION focus on the contemporary recycling culture and its ability to transform the functional form into pure ornamentation.


EX und Hopp | Galerie Aquabit | Berlin
Auguststrasse 35 | Tel 030 260 36 477
Vernissage | Fr. 01.05 2015 | 7.00 pm
Exhibition | 02.05 – 27.05.2015

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