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The DIRTY PROJECT is a conceptual collaboration between Candy Lenk from architecture faculty (Spatial Design Department) and Grit Koalick from the computer science faculty (Institute for Software and Multimedia Technology) of the Dresden University of Technology.


Nowadays the computer dictates artistic and scientific research and large parts of everyday life. This great success of the computer as a kind of universal machine is based upon the computer’s ability to convert one form of media into another using digital codes. The art historian Clement Greenberg, an advocate of “art for art’s sake” and a defender of “media purity”, would therefore describe the essence of the digital as “impure”.

Do ‘em dirty!

This project is centered around an analysis of digital media and the examination of its interaction with space. Space is understood here as a free realm of action on the one hand and a technical requirement the other.

In an experimental design exercise, the students explore the “dirty” borderlands of media.

Traditional composition and spatial design require decisions to be made, that will be permanently materialized. But what does the design of virtual, ephemeral, immaterial, limitless, arbitrary, interference-free space mean? In what form do the material limitations of space manifest themselves within the limitless possibilities of the virtual? What happens when they are brought together: virtually extended space? Restricted digital arbitrariness?

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