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ALEX VON UNTEN (Alex from below)
is a project by Candy Lenk for the Spatial Design Department of the
University of Technology Dresden)

Above ground, the Alexanderplatz in Berlin is undergoing a drastic transformation through the controlled harmonization of the urban fabric, the consolidation of the architectural expression and the homogenization of the surfaces in materiality and color.

Below grade, however, the square is a complex point of intersection of three subway lines on different levels which are then connected to the S-Bahn and tram stations. The basements of only partially realized buildings are interlaced with bunkers and blind tunnels of an unfinished subway project. The spatial constriction and atmospheric concentration of the underground allows for different social realities to appear.

The processes of ascent and descent, which take place here constantly, add special meaning to the dialogue between above and below. Based on an analysis of the existing situation the students develop proposals for a connection of the above and the below at Alexanderplatz in an open artistic project.

Photos:  Dawid Celek



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