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The ARTBASTARD project was developed by Candy Lenk for the Spatial Design Department of the Dresden university of Technology. The project’s focus is the experimental investigation of the boundaries between reality and simulation – the space between superficial appearance and actual being.

A zebroid is a cross between a zebra and a horse. The colonial troops of the German emperor William II used zebroids in Africa, since horses are not adapted to the tropical climate and zebras cannot be tamed. Zebroids are generally sterile and have a short life expectancy. They have currently become popular as pet and show animals in the United States. …

Spaces of dreams, fears or desires are nothing new. They have always represented the spaces that exist behind actual, material rooms. These poetic, virtual spaces superimpose and penetrate our concept and perception of reality at all times and in every situation. Technical innovation allows us to represent these „other spaces“ in new ways and let them merge with the real spaces to a new degree.

The overlay of concrete spatial structures and forms with photo and video material, and the imitation of space through reflecting or transparent surfaces also create something new that contains attributes of both worlds. A kind of oscillating space, that swings between superficial appearance and actual being; neither material nor light; neither reality nor dream; but rather both. It belongs to another kind of reality; a reality and architecture that is not constructed through superordinate temporal or spatial systems. Instead, with great ease, it celebrates the moment or the current situation as the entity to be constructed.

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